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Researchers map previously unknown disease in children

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Two children from Europe and one from Canada, aged four, six and 10, suffer from a previous

Researchers answer decades-old question about protein found in Alzheimer’s brain

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Alzheimer’s-affected brains are riddled with amyloid plaques, protein aggregates cons

Harnessing multiple data streams and artificial intelligence to better predict flu

A 3-D image of a flu virus. Credit: Center for Disease Control Influenza is highly contagious and easily spreads as p

VAT fat may cause pathogenic obesity

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Type-2 (adult-onset) diabetes and other diseases related to the obesity epidemic depend on

‘Traditional masculinity’ officially labeled ‘harmful&#8

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The American Psychological Association has issued its first official warning against toxic

Drug overdose death rate increasing among middle-aged women

(HealthDay)—From 1999 to 2017, the drug overdose death rate increased 260 percent among women aged 30 to 64 years, according

Make cancer prevention a priority in 2019

(HealthDay)—If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to improve your health, reducing your risk of cancer should be part of tha

Emergency/urgent hospitalizations linked to accelerated cognitive decline in older adults

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Emergency and urgent hospitalizations are associated with an increased rate of cognitive de

Paper proposes new way to understand how the neocortex works

Rather than learning one model of the world, the Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence proposes that every part of the neocortex

In breast-cancer prevention, race matters

Credit: CC0 Public Domain African-American women at high risk of breast cancer are less likely than white women to pu

Scientists connect dots between colitis and colon cancer

Graduate student Mohammed L. Ibrahim and Dr. Kebin Liu. Credit: Phil Jones, Senior Photographer, Augusta University L

Pressure on food budgets linked to poor mental health for at least 100,000 Danish households

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A major study at the University of Copenhagen reports that food quality is affected when pe

Addressing the unique mental health challenges of bisexual veterans

Credit: CC0 Public Domain New research indicates that service members and veterans who identify as bisexual may be at

When calorie counts aren’t on the menu

(HealthDay)—Over the past few decades, the amount of food Americans eat away from home has increased from 18 percent to 33 pe

New microneedle contraceptive patch could empower the world’s poorest women

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Innovative microneedle technology is being developed as an effective, pain-free and discree

Why you should stop buying vitamins and get more sleep instead

One recent study revealed no evidence that selenium supplements help prevent diabetes, even in geographical areas where there are